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Watching Angels

Rem smiled as she looked down at the two little baby boys, dressed in only their diapers and asleep in the crib in her room. The two little blonde angels were cooing and twitching in their sleep; the youngest on its side sucking its thumb while the oldest clutched his butterfly teething ring as he slept on his back. Rem toyed with the little mobile hanging above them with suns and planets…well there was only one planet left…the mobile was old, the one her mother had gotten her when she was a baby…it was broken after so many years and there was only one planet left along with three suns. It played her favorite song, the song she sang now to her two boys before they went to sleep for the nights or took their naps, or when she was in the recreation room surrounded by the trees, grass and flowers and everything was quite and peaceful.

Looking at them she remembered when they were born; she remembered watching the winged planet give birth to the two babies, there had been a glow of light too bright to look directly at. When the light passed there were wails coming from inside the reinforced glass chamber…crying babies. She had seen movement inside on the floor of the chamber and little shadows moving around the yellow fumes used by the plant as food. She had grabbed a suit and ran into the chamber as the other crew members got into theirs…and were picking up their guns. She had blocked their guns, their laser crosshairs glowing on her suit as she shook her head when one of them motioned her to move out of the way. They had given up and Rem had carried them out in her arms; she looked back at the planet woman, her black eyes looking at the two infants in her arms, her feathery wings flapping slightly, her sharp fangs slightly bared...warning not threatening, she was too weak from giving birth to attack. She was sacred but knew that the planet angel was worried for the babies. Rem had turned to her and said one thing: “I protect and care for them, don’t worry”

She had promised the planet angel that, and she was keeping that promise. She thought it would be good to take the babies to see their mother one time and allow her to see how big they had gotten. She couldn’t take the babies and not allow their mother to see them, which would be cruel. She had run into the chamber to protect the babies because their mother had been too weak from giving birth to protect them from the gun wielding crew. She had also taken them to protect the babies from being killed by fearful crew members. When the two boys had been born the whole crew had been sacred of them…now all of them aside from Steve liked them. Mary felt like an aunt and loved playing with them especially Knives, Joey felt like a father whenever he held them in his arms even thought he felt like he wasn’t a good father figure for the little ones. Rowan was fine with them but…he liked the babies but wished Knives wouldn’t grab his glasses or throw things around.

Rem smoothed Knives platinum blonde hair and looked over at Vash who was whimpering in his sleep. He whimpered and fussed before turning over on his other side and snuggled into Knives. As if sensing his brother’s discomfort he turned over to his side to face Vash, their foreheads touching, Vash quieted and snuggled closer not making another sound. Rem smiled at the scene before her and leaned down to them, kissing them both on their heads, their soft downy hair tickling her lips before walking away to get ready for bed.

She never saw the soft glow of blue light outline the two babies as tiny white feathered wings grew from their small shoulder blades, making them appears as baby angels…before they melted back into their bodies.
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I’m not Nightow-Sensei…I wish I was a Mangaka but I’m not…and I don’t think I’d ever make something as neat as Trigun so I don’t own the Anime Trigun…Nightow-Sensei does
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rimmerthesmeg Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
is there gonna be more? i love it!
Colhan3000 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This story is updated as I think of ideas for it. I haven't been in a Trigun mood in a while which is why this hasn't been added to in a long time.

I have been thinking of re-watching Trigun again so if I do that might give me more ideas for this. Plus I think I have one or two unfinished chapters saved to my flash drive.
rimmerthesmeg Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
:O oohhh yay! You must inspire yourself! :iconvashplz:
Violet-Violence Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011
I would love to see the twins visit their birth mother.
looklooklookitabook Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I Read All Of Them, I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! You ARE SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!:D
yoko99 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008
is that the end or wat?
Colhan3000 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its usually updated as I come up with ideas for new chapters. I have been thinking of ideas for chapter 7 and future chapters for this fanfic.
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